Imagine for a moment a Journey to the Future and the time machine stops in 2025…

I see “SmartEducationLabs” forecasting disruptive innovative services and solutions on “Advanced Reality” technologies. Based on continuous tracking and trend analysis of global technological developments and enriched with the vision of technology leaders and business innovators.

Carlos J. Ochoa Fernandez. CEO ONE Digital Consulting Ltd.

Mission Statement.

We create unique and amazing VR/AR ecosystems for the Smart Society

SmartEducationLabs will provide support in the definition and assessment of future digital education and training scenarios and subsequent innovation paths. With our global network of selected partners, further development and technology implementation can be successfully provided.

Innovation is a key success factor in our business strategy and the soul of our global and disruptive vision.

Trade Marks

SmartEducationLabs, MySmartClassroom, MyStemLabs, MySmartDestinations and Innvestion are trade marks by ONE Digital Consulting Ltd. (c)


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