Hello and welcome to the “New Digital Era”.

I want to take the opportunity to welcome all of you, partners, customers, followers and readers as active members of our Innovative Digital Community to share our Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation, Passion, Creativity and amazing Live Experiences for a better and sustainable “Smart Society”. From more than two decades, I have had the opportunity to be engaged in the most relevant and best practices educational projects, in a permanent rethinking how to effectively meet the challenges ahead. Our vision is firmly defined in both consultancy and technology for the Smart Citizens Society. And we are more excited than ever about this new challenging scenario.

The changing world of New Technologies and Communications, introducing new ways of adapting the technology to our day by day life, are changing our habits very fast. Smartphones, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Robots and Drones…are just few examples of a new dimension that influences directly in our lives and the “Future Smart Ecosystem”.

Putting in the Smart Education Ecosystem context, smart devices, digital media and scholarship curriculum coupled with innovative classroom technologies and a growing demand for serious change from policy-makers and citizens are creating a true learning renaissance.

Along this first year, we have been very active in marketing and promotion activities: participating in international congresses, expert’s seminars and workshops. We are expanding our Partners network across the world not only geographically but by area of expertise. We are bringing on more added value skills in our boat. We are working in brand new Innovative solutions to expand our capabilities and value proposition with our new customer in Spain, Italy, Malta and United Arab Emirates. The bottom line — we are committed with the “Smart Digital Society”, in being active participants in shaping the future of Smart Learning worldwide.

To this end, we continue to expand and build our team in Madrid, Brussels, Italy, India and in the near future Dubai offices.

So, please, take a seat in our boat and take a trip around the “Smart Business Solutions World”.

Carlos J. Ochoa
ONE Chief Editor