Smart Stem Ecosystem
Problem solving is really the heart of STEM investigations. Providing students with real-world problems to solve fuels their curiosity and investigative interests. MyStemLabs helps teachers and students to discover opportunities to learn (STEM) science, technology, engineering and mathematics, by addressing problems that have real-world applications. One of the keys of our approach is to integrate the contents into a coherent context. For instance, hands-on environmental education projects enrich STEM learning and offer an exciting opportunity to engage more students into the subject.

In this new “Smart Education Ecosystem”, students can learn by doing, practicing, experimenting and training until they reach the objective with the correspond prize. They can spend as many hours as they need without any conflict about devices, instruments or risk. Practicing in virtual scenarios with materials and situations, impossible to replicate or archive in every school around the world. My Smart Classroom experience is enlightenment for humankind, guidance and promoting values and experiences for education in the fields of: Creative Arts, Language Arts, Science and Technology. A perfect combination of imagination, inspiration, creativity and passion, where the experiences lived, transports students beyond reality

Students feel connected to the problem they are solving. Through the combination of logic, physics, and moving parts, something beautiful is created…