Reimagining Virtual Education

Using Immersive VR/AR technologies, we can place students in the center of a real world or virtual situation with an active role in proceedings through various tasks they will need to complete. Situations and outcomes will dynamically change depending on the students input and this will keep them active and engaged throughout the activity. From now on, teachers can use these unparalleled learning experiences to build student mental models and understanding of STEM ideas with the equipment and connections already in their classrooms.

Reimagining Smart Cities

Smart Citizens of a new digital era, living in smart cities in a sustainable environment. Engaging World´s youngest and oldest citizens in future internet-based industries can transform a drain on public and private finance into a unique competitive strength.

Knowing in real time the critical issues of the city compared to the quality of life canons (traffic, pollution, security, infrastructures, open construction yard, tourist paths, public transport, limited traffic zone, energy, water, waste collection and disposal).

Reimagining Industry Transformation

New skills development for more complex jobs. Technicians need to be proficient and continue to change rapidly as tasks become more complex. Creating new advanced digitalized ecosystems, Engineers may have fast access to all information in every single moment, to take fast and complex decisions. VR/AR technology is the most efficient and fastest way to educate new employees and prepare them for their daily work. In the other hand, thanks to VR/AR and digital information, technicians can focus in operation & maintenance task enables them to cut down on time spent on administrative tasks, significantly increasing productivity.