Immersive Reality Technologies

In this innovative XR ecosystem, students will face with real-live problems with actions-based learning, prefaced with advanced classroom methods on process fundamentals, the most efficient and fastest way to educate students and prepare them for future citizens and leaders. The future of “Immersive Learning” will probably have to deal with these technologies and others to come.

Learning is about to become more interactive, more social, creative and fun. Specifically in the way that “new advanced technologies and methodologies” will improve and accelerate the learning curve and teaching processes with the aim of VR/AR.

Virtual Reality can be used for visual and highly interactive forms of learning

SmartEducationLabs will apply great benefits for Education: empowering teachers through new methodologies, experimental learning scenarios, improving students engagement with immersive experiences, and increasing constructivism and experiencial learning activities…Our Schools of the Future initiative will allow the students to go far beyond the imagination and share experiences with other students and centers around the world, without moving from their location.


Students find connections between their lives and their education through the addition of a contextual layer